Standby generators can prevent a small firm or business enterprise being left impotent in the event of a blackout if it doesn’t have other means of creating the power it needs to carry out its most basic operational tasks.

Fortunately, the effects of a blackout can be significantly mitigated by having a suitable backup generator available.

standby Generators


A generator services two essential needs for small businesses:

  1. It starts automatically in the event of a blackout.
  2. It delivers vital electrical power to designated appliances, rooms, tools, and/or devices.


In general, there are two different types of electric generators available to small businesses: standby generators and portable generators.

Many small-to-medium sized enterprises opt for standby generators as they have a number of advantages over their portable counterparts.


The Advantages of Standby Generators over portable generators:

Constant Connection

The main advantage which standby generators have over portable electric generators is that they are generally designed to remain connected to a firm?s circuitry through the main electric panel.

This allows for a generator to power up either automatically (via an automatic transfer switch) or by push button at the onset of a blackout.

A portable generator on the other hand may well need fetching from a secure storage location and fuelling before eventually being connected to a company?s circuitry.


Smooth Transition

For a standby generator, the automatic switch to generated power normally takes between ten to thirty seconds.

A push button start takes about the same time (once the generator has been turned on).

Another advantage of a standby generator is that the addition of a USB battery accessory can help to ensure a firm?s power remains on during the changeover to generated power.

Naturally, this can be invaluable for a whole range of business operations, ranging from the preservation of data on a computer to having uninterrupted power available for on-site medical devices.


Further considerations

Advances in portable power generation have increased to the point where power delivery can rival that of smaller standby generators.

However standby generators are still the most logical choice to meet the temporary power needs of most small businesses.


There are two reasons for this:

1. They can easily provide the power needed for almost all appliances, rooms, and devices which a small business would need to remain on during a blackout. Items like refrigerators and air conditioners (which have high wattage demands for both start-up and running) can be easily powered by standby generators.

2. Unlike a portable generator, a standby generator?s ability to operate is in no way hampered by external elements. The severity of local weather, the physical design of a building and the weight of a unit may all compromise the ability of getting a portable generator up and running in good time; they would have no bearing on a standby generator.


So, it really is clear to see why standby generators are now seen as being very much the temporary power option of choice for a great many small businesses these days.


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