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Woodlands Specialist Transport

Thank you for visiting Woodlands Generators and our Woodlands Specialist Transport Page. Woodlands specialist transport is something we are very proud of. With our own fleet of new delivery vehicles we can guarantee a service that will beat all others. Going hand in hand with our generator rental service our specialist transport is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


Quick & Safe Delivery

Here at Woodlands Generators getting your product to you quickly, safely and how it was intended is of paramount importance to us. We expect nothing less than undamaged, on-time, seamless orders.


Careful Handling

Our industrial generators require careful handling, using our own Woodlands transport we can maintain our excellent service, from the very first phone call to the final delivery. Woodlands logistics is a service that will exceed expectations and one that will not let you down. That’s our promise to you. By using Woodlands specialist transport service, you are guaranteeing professional, safe and high quality power distribution to your project quickly and safely.


Our In-House Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

Woodlands Generators run its own Woodlands Specialist Transport, consisting of in-house fleet of modern delivery vehicles. Our fleet are fully tracked & traced providing a close monitoring of deliveries, ensuring SLA’s are exceeded if not met – the tracking of our logistics fleet is also an effective way of providing accurate arrival & delivery times for customers.


  • 6x4 & 4x4 John Deere Gators
  • 4x4 Landrover Defenders
  • Upto 78 ton Special Lift Crane Mounted Lorries
  • 44 ton Articulated lorries
  • 8x6 All Terrain, Multi Lift HGV’s
  • ARGO All Terrain Maintenance Vehicles


This means that equipment can be delivered quickly in emergency power situations, cost effectively & safely.


Our delivery drivers are fully trained in the operation of our generators and other equipment, therefore, they can offer a step-by-step guide to operation if required.


Self-Loading Vehicles

With Woodlands Specialist Transport, our self-loading vehicles, with either front or rear mounted cranes, offer lifting capacities up to 100TM with extendable bodies and all have a drawbar trailer option to increase payload and dimensions. We also have 44ton artic units, 40/45ft flatbeds & extendable step frames/low loaders. Each vehicle carries a comprehensive range of regularly tested/inspected lifting equipment along with copies of all current test certificates.

Experienced Drivers


Experienced HGV Drivers & crane operators are independently trained and tested, and carry evidence of their lorry loader qualifications. Operators are also CSCS Certified with a high number of ADR Certified drivers to allow the carriage of dangerous goods packages, such as fuel.


24/7 Call Out Service


As with all of our services, Woodlands offer a 24/7 call out service for the lifting & haulage – this is available through our usual 24 hour office number 0845 600 3335Call us today and speak to someone in our friendly team. Whether it’s a quick question or help choosing the right product for the job, here at Woodlands we are proud of our customer service and will be happy to help.

Woodlands Specialist Transport


  • Quick and safe delivery
  • Our own in-house logistics fleet
  • 24/7 call out service
  • Fully tracked deliveries


It is extremely important that generator delivery takes place in a safe and efficient manner. Our team are proud to offer Woodlands specialist transport in order to be able to deliver your power source quickly and seamlessly.

Our Own Tracked Delivery Vehicles

By having our own transport fleet, we can reduce the time and costs that are usually there when using delivery services. We have a wide range of Woodlands vehicles that are fully equipped to transport and deliver our products, including 6x4 & 4x4 John Deere Gators, 4x4 Landrover Defenders, Articulated Lorries, and Multi-lift HGV’s. All of our vehicles are fully tracked and traced – providing a close monitoring of deliveries and ensuring SLA’s are met.

Call us Today

Our drivers are all fully-trained in the delivery and transportation of the goods which they will be handling, and always carry evidence of their qualifications. Many of our drivers are also ADR Certified which means they can carry dangerous goods packages too – such as fuel. With our transport you are being guaranteed professional power distribution to your site, quickly and safely.