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At Woodlands Generators we stock a whole range of high quality, top-performing generators, and arguably the most popular form of diesel generator sets (DG sets) are the silent ones. These silent diesel generators are powerful, economical, convenient and most importantly, noise free.


New silent diesel generators for sale at Woodlands have a long list of great advantages making them the gensets of choice for a wide range of industries and applications.


Some of the big advantages of our Silent Diesel Generators:


Fuel efficiency

Diesel is much more economical than petrol or gasoline due to its viscosity. Therefore running a silent diesel generator is far more cost effective than that of a petrol genset. The engine works in such a way that fuel consumption is reduced exponentially. Diesel generators can also produce a lot more electricity per litre of diesel making them extremely efficient.


No More Noise

As the name would suggest, silent DG sets have been designed to emit minimum noise pollution. This is a far bigger advantage than you think, as a loud generator is distracting and could have a negative impact on your business, depending on the application of the generator. Their enclosures are designed to be soundproof and cause minimum vibrations. This also makes them more environmentally friendly, which is something we need to keep in mind.  


Low Maintenance cost

Generally speaking, silent DG sets have lower maintenance costs, which make them a worthy investment. They are extremely well built with fewer parts and components to go wrong. With generator servicing often it is things such as the spark plugs in the engine that require maintenance, however as these are not part of the design with silent diesel generators it’s one less thing to go wrong.


Stands the test of time

Our generators for sale stand the test of time; they are extremely sturdy and can withstand difficult conditions. This makes them ideal for a wide range of industries and also makes them a great investment.


Suppliers of Himoinsa Generators

Here at Woodlands are proud to be stockists of a wide range of DG sets, including the Himoinsa UK. Himoinsa specialise in energy generation systems providing guaranteed, clean, efficient continuous-energy supply. This means we can always find a silent generator suited to your requirements.


No matter what your needs are, you can rely on us to provide you with a new diesel generator that is long-lasting, low on maintenance, fuel efficient and most importantly, cost effective!


If you are interested in investing in a silent diesel generator for sale from Woodlands then why not get in touch with us on 0845 600 3335 for a free quote. Alternatively, you can visit our website at generator sales.


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