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Rental Range at Woodlands Generators

Rental Range

Rental Range – The Rental Line is designed to work in tough environmental conditions and stands out for its versatility, standardisation and innovation. It contains equipment with high structural resistance which works on any surface. They may be used in sectors such as construction, civil works, and mining industry, amongst others. Engine manufacturers available in the Rental Range are Iveco FPT, Scania, Yanmar, MTU & Mitsubishi.

  • Iveco FPT – 30 to 420kVA PRP
  • Scania – 250 to 555kVA PRP
  • MTU – 278 to 692kVA PRP
  • Mitsubishi – 670 to 2,293kVA PRP
  • Yanmar – 17 to 50kVA PRP

The rental line may incorporate latest-generation switchboards, offering the customer multiple options for controlling and adapting the machine to each task. The machines offer an alarm registry, GPS programming, quick access to the external fuel tank, and an IP67 protection rating, amongst other advantages.

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