The Questions You Need to Be Asking

Businesses need generators for a whole range of reasons, often to protect them from a power disruption, outage or higher energy demands. In a lot of circumstances, renting a generator makes commercial sense, especially for short-term or infrequent use. To make sure you get the right unit for the job, you will need to ask rental generator suppliers the right questions about the generator itself, accessories you may also need, the service agreement, and their company.

So here are 6 questions you need answering before you rent a generator:??


1. Which Generator is right for your business?

The type and size of generator you need will depend entirely on what you intend to use it for. Make sure you list everything you plan on hooking up to the generator to ensure you receive a generator with ample capacity for your operations. On the flip side, you don?t want to pay for more power than you need, which is why it?s important to know its intended use.?

In addition, it can be damaging to the generator to consistently run at lower levels than its capacity as it can stress the machine through inefficient combustion. That?s why it?s always recommended to run load bank testing maintenance.?

At Woodlands Generators, we take the time to understand your needs and talk you through your options.?


2. Will there be additional costs on top of the generator rental?

In order for the generator to power your business safely and effectively, you may require additional accessories. This might include distribution boards, power supply, circuit protection, transfer switches, AMS Panels and single and multi-core cables.?

There are lots of factors to consider so make sure you have a thorough conversation with your generator provider to cover all the bases. They will be able to provide you with a tailored package to meet your business needs.?


3. Will the generator rental company deliver and install the unit??

A good generator supplier will offer a full service, which includes delivering and installing the generator. At Woodlands we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles meaning we can deliver directly to you, quickly. In addition, our expert technicians can install your generator for you so you don?t have to worry about time or man power setting it up.??

You should also make sure the generator rental providers will disconnect and collect the unit when you?re finished with it.?


4.Will the rental company respond to callouts?

In an ideal world you?d be able to prepare for any power disruptions or outages, but that?s not always possible. The best generator companies will have the capacity to respond to your emergency callout instantly.?

At Woodlands generators we offer 24/7 emergency power so you never have to be without power for long. Furthermore, because we have our own delivery vehicles we don?t have to rely on external transport companies to mobilise.

Even if you have a backup generator, you need to know a company has round-the-clock service should anything go wrong.?


5. Does the rental company guarantee a reliable unit??

You should feel confident that your generator won?t let you down. For example, at Woodlands Generators every single one of our units is thoroughly checked before it?s distributed to our customers. We continually and routinely maintain our generators to ensure they meet the required safety standards.?

As a result, we always deliver great quality products to every customer to enjoy safe and efficient use.?


6. Will the generator rental supplier provide fuel?

You need to ask whether the company will supply and deliver fuel or if that?s something you?ll have to source yourself. The last thing you need is a fuel shortage. You should also check how long it takes for fuel to be delivered just in case your demand is higher than predicted.?


Where to rent generators in the UK?

Here at Woodlands Generators, we sell, rent, and service generators for many satisfied customers. You can hire generators from 30kVA to 2200kVA, industrial generators, silent generators, and more. We even offer industrial generator hire and the option of synchronisation of multiple gensets to supply Multi-Megawatt Temporary Power Facilities & Installations.?

The best part? We?re on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure fast and reliable service with our generators for rent. Call us on 0845 600 3335 or email to discuss your generator rental needs today.

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