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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

  • Access on the go
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile phone compatible
  • Real time monitoring

Monitor Your Generator from Anywhere

Remote monitoring is the ideal investment if you are looking for ease of application and maintenance when using your generator. Remote generator monitoring allows you full access to your generator on the go, so that you can control your genset and monitor its performance without having to be there.

Easy To Use Software

The software used is extremely easy to use and can be downloaded onto computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices for additional convenience. Within the software, you will be able to view and control all the modules connected to your account. The remote monitoring software offers real-time instrumentation, alarms, notifications, I/O lists and historic data graphs – so you’ll have optimal flexibility and information when it comes to maintaining your generator.

Using this system is a simple and cost-effective solution to managing your power distribution equipment wherever you are – ideal for busy site managers and engineers on the move.

Advanced Remote Communications

Here at Woodlands Generators, a main goal of ours is to ensure our clients are provided with ease when it comes to using all aspects of our services. Whether it’s having the reassurance of 24/7 generator maintenance support or using our team’s experience and advice to determine the best generator for the job, we strive to make sure our customers receive the simplest solution that makes their tasks that little bit easier. With this in mind, as leading generator specialists we are extremely proud to offer our customers access to generator remote monitoring.


Full Remote Access

An advanced form of remote generator monitoring gives the client full remote access to their generator on the go. We understand that whether it is hosting an event or being in charge of a construction site, providing power to the site is an important job, however it may not be the only one on your checklist.


Control Your Generator From Anywhere

With our remote monitoring system, you can keep an eye on your generator and control the genset wherever you go – all at the touch of a button. The system is ideal for people who are on the move, and do not necessarily have the time to be monitoring the generator in person. The software is extremely straightforward and can be downloaded on your device to enable you to make any changes to your generator, wherever you are.


Guaranteed Easy & Cost-Effective Solutions

Woodlands Generators have decades of experience and knowledge under our belts, which enables us to create and provide new and innovate ways to provide power to your site or event. With Woodlands you are guaranteed to be provided with easy and cost-effective solutions that are both tried and tested by the experts first so you can rest easy knowing our solutions are not going to let you down.


‘Must Have’ Too

The mobile applications is designed to give the ultimate remote access and monitoring to your genset system – for busy engineers on the move this is a ‘must have’ tool!


Use on Any Device

Designed for use on desktop computers, mobile phones & tablet devices, the software has a fast response time so that you are able to monitor and control your genset control module, anywhere in the world.


Real-time Instrumentation

You will be able to view and control all modules that are connected to your account. With real-time instrumentation, alarms, notifications, I/O lists and historic data graphs, this will give you the highest degree of engineering/maintenance flexibility.


Increase Your Efficiency

Remote monitoring is the perfect solution for engineers or site leaders who are in control of numerous different aspects of the site or event. Monitoring a generator in person can often be quite time consuming and can drag you away from other important jobs. However, having the software on your phone, tablet, or laptop means you can take charge of the generator without losing time on other things too.


Easy to Use Software

The software is easily accessible and simple to use and you aren’t even restricted to just one generator – the system will provide you access to all generators associated with your account. Not only does the monitoring software save you time, the system is also an economical solution too, as it reduces travel costs which you may often have to spend, when driving to the generator to make small alterations.


Best Possible Service

Here at Woodlands we like to innovate, and remote monitoring is just another example of how we like to make sure our customers receive the best possible service.