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Loadbank Hire

Loadbank Hire


At Woodlands we offer a number of associated services to complement our generator rental & sales products – one of these being loadbank hire ( Loadbank rental).  We offer the rental of loadbanks (resistive only, or resistive & reactive) from 20kW, right through to Multi-Megawatt Turnkey Packages, in single or multiple units, together with all necessary cabling & switchgear.


Loadbank Testing

As part of this service, we offer to carry out the full loadbank testing of your generator, UPS, or power supply using our in-house electro-mechanical engineering team & loadbanks. Our loadbanks are designed to cope with the needs of the rental market, design features which add to the durability & versatility required within the rental market consist of:


  • ISO Shipping Containers (Approved for lifting)
  • Forklift Base, Trailer Mounted or Caster Mounted for ease of movement
  • Resistive only loadbanks
  • Resistive & Reactive loadbanks
  • Wide range of operating voltages
  • 50 or 60hz operating frequencies
  • Data logging to assist with test reporting
  • Processor based control systems
  • Direct Current/DC Loadbanks
  • Remote, handheld controllers


Reliable and Cost Effective Loadbank Rental

Woodlands Generators can provide you with reliable and cost effective Loadbank rental across the UK. No matter what the application, Woodlands has the right Loadbank hire solution. Making sure your power supply systems are tested and working to their maximum level is vital to their performance and efficiency.


Includes Engineering and Operational Support

At Woodlands we have the Loadbank hire equipment and experience to help. Our Loadbank rental service includes engineering and operational support. We can deliver and program our Loadbanks so that you can get straight down to business or we can even do the testing for you.


Extensive Experience

Our team of power specialists have extensive experience delivering load-testing projects for a range of sectors and we offer a range of Loadbank generators and supporting hire equipment that we will match to your needs.


What is a Loadbank?

A load bank will break down the performance of the power supply system or unit. Loadbanks can also be used for testing a generator, uninterruptible power supply or an alternating current power supply; we also offer resistive Loadbank rental and reactive testing.


Why use Woodlands Loadbank Hire service?

Load bank testing will ensure that the components within the power protection system will work and perform together as intended. It reduces the risk of problems and unplanned maintenance, saving you money in the long run. At Woodlands Generators we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles, which means Loadbanks can be delivered and installed with a short turnaround time to meet your needs.


Happy To Help You

We have the perfect Woodland power rental solution for every situation. For advice on selecting the right Loadbank solution for your specific application, please call 0845 600 3335 and we’ll be happy to help you.


Loadbank Hire

Loadbank Hire


  • Multi-Megawatt Turnkey Packages Available
  • Loadbank Testing Service
  • Wide range of operating voltages
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance


As one of the country’s leading providers of temporary power solutions, here at Woodlands Generators we proudly offer a number of associated services to support the rental and sales of our generators – including loadbank hire. By using load bank rental services you can save yourself plenty of time, money and disruption in the long run as any issues with your power supply will flag up before you use it for its intended purpose.

20kW to Multi- Megawatt

We can supply either resistive load bank rental or resistive and reactive loadbank rental, ranging from 20kW thought to multi-megawatt turnkey packages. These are available in single or multiple units and come with all of the necessary cabling and switchgear. By offering a versatile load bank rental service here at Woodlands Generators, you can be sure to find the exact equipment you need.

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As part of loadbank hire, we deliver the equipment via our own ‘in-house’ fleet of delivery vehicles. Our loadbank hire can reduce the risk of problems and unplanned maintenance, and is worth investing in if you want to guarantee a faultless power supply for your site.