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HV transformer rental

HV Transformer Rental

  • Temporary and Emergency Hire
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Wide Range of Voltages Available
  • ISO Shipping Style Containers
HV transformer rental from Woodlands Generators


100kVA to 8000kVA

HV transformer rental is perfect if you need to use a transformer for a temporary amount of time or in an emergency scenario. Here at Woodlands Generators, leading suppliers of transformers, we can equip you with a high quality transformer that supports your project. Transformer hire is an incredibly economical alternative to buying a brand new transformer and at Woodlands we are proud to have a wide range of HV transformer rental solutions ranging between 100kVA to 8000kVA.


Fast Delivery

Our transformer hire can be purchased as a complementing ‘add-on’ to our power generator rental services, or it is available on a separate basis – depending on your requirements. We make sure that all of the equipment in our transformer rental services are versatile so that we can maximise our application reach. With step up/down configurations, various operating voltages, ISO shipping style containers and YYO/DYN11/YNyn0 Vectors you’ll find the best solution with us. Our own in-house fleet of delivery vehicles, are ready to transport the equipment to your desired location – so you can be sure to rely on us for HV transformer rental.

HV Transformer Rental


Thanks for visiting Woodlands Generators website and the HV Transformer Rental page, want to know why we stand out from the crowd? It’s because of our outstanding service and quality product, give us a call and put it to the test.


Our Team of Experts Are Always On Hand


When working with high voltage power you need a transformer rental supplier you can trust and rely on. At Woodlands Generators we have a team of experts on hand to deliver advice, quality products and HV transformer maintenance to your door.


HV Transformers From 100kVA to 8000kVA Capacities


Woodlands Generators can provide you with a range of multi-tapped HV transformer rental solutions, from 100kVA to 8000kVA Capacities. Our fleet of transformers complement both our generator hire & load bank rental fleet. Along with complementing our power generation rental fleet, transformer hire is available on a separate basis, which also means you don’t have to worry about HV maintenance.


Within ISO Shipping Containers or Trailer Mounted


Our rental transformers are available within ISO Shipping containers (approved for lifting), or trailer mounted for locations with more difficult access routes. Below is a summary of our transformer fleet at Woodlands;


  • 100kVA to 8000kVA Capacities
  • Various Operating Voltages
  • MV/LV Switchgear Contained
  • Step up/Step down Configurations
  • ISO Shipping Style Containers
  • ONAN/ONAF Types
  • YYO/DYN11/YNyn0 Vectors


Whether you need transformer generator hire to compensate planned or unexpected power loss, we have the perfect power transformer rental solution for every situation.


What is a transformer?


Transformers are pieces of equipment that are used to increase or decrease an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). The device will usually have two or more windings going around the initial core. Electromagnetic induction then transforms the energy from one set (or more) of the circuits, to another set, so that the energy frequency remains the same, but the voltage and current will usually change or alter.

Large Range Of Transformers


Transformers come in all different shapes, sizes and types, all depending on what sort of device they are being applied to. They are always needed when the electrical energy coming from the original power source, is not compatible with what needs to be powered, and therefore the electrical energy needs to be changed (transformed).

Woodlands Generators can provide you with a range of multi-tapped transformer hire solutions and can help advise you on exactly what it is you need.

HV Transformer Rental solutions that meet your needs!


Here at Woodlands Generators Evesham we offer generators & HV transformer rental services for a vast range of applications. Hire a transformer today, next week, or next month; our team are dedicating to ensuring you receive the best customer service, to accompany our quality transformer hires.


Step-up/Step-down Configurations


Our hire transformers have a great range of capabilities to maximise our application reach. With various operating voltages, 100kVA to8000kVA capacities and step-up/step-down configurations, you can rest assured that Woodlands power is the best in the industry.


Customer Service At Its Best


Woodland Generators pride themselves on providing the best service for the customer, from helping the customer choose the correct product for the job via our expertly trained team, to making sure the items ordered are delivered and collected on time. 

Call us today on 0845 600 3335 if you would like to speak to one of our advisors or if you’re interested in our top quality Transformers for hire.


HV transformer rental from Woodlands Generators