Hire Accessories

Hire Accessories

  • Create a bespoke power distribution package
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Cables
  • Distribution Boards
  • Sound Attenuation Installations


Here at Woodlands Generators, leading providers of temporary power distribution hire, we are proud to have a whole host of different services and hire accessories ready to meet your requirements. Our main services include generator hire and load bank rental, but we also have a wide range of hire accessories which can be added on to your services in order to create bespoke
power distribution packages for you and your project.

Our rental accessories are a great investment to make if you are looking for a complete power distribution package to use for your site. Music festivals, construction sites and other public events will need a reliable power supply in order to support the work taking place, and therefore it is important to make sure you have got everything you need including suitable hire accessories to supply power successfully. Our ancillary items and generator accessories such as fuel tanks, cables, distribution boards, cable ramps and sound attenuation installations can help to optimise the performance of your temporary power source, whilst ensuring you have a faultless and hassle-free experience when using them.

The highly experienced team here at Woodlands will talk you through everything you need, so you can rest easy knowing you will be getting the perfect bespoke power distribution package that ticks all the right boxes for you and your event. Taking advantage of our hire accessories here at Woodlands Generators means that you will be getting everything you need from one place – saving
you time, effort and money.

Hire Accessories

Woodlands Generators offers a wide range of ancillary items to provide a complete rental package for our customer, please click on the sub-headings below to explore the options available. If you are looking for something bespoke, or require further details on our ancillary items/services, then please Contact Us for more information.

Fuel Tanks

Fully bunded fuel tanks come with a range of capacities ranging from 750L through to 23,000L for when the base/internal tank of the generator isn’t large enough.

Our fuel tank hire service provide a solution for sites where there is a high consumption of fuel, or for sites where a long term standby solution is required. Whether the tank be required on a Construction Site, Data Centre, Offshore Platform or Industrial Unit, Woodlands Generators can provide a solution for your fuel storage needs.

Cabling and Distribution

Woodlands Generators have a wide range of distribution boards/panels & cable to meet the requirements of small projects – right through to the largest. These include:-

  • Single/5 core cables
  • HV/LV cables
  • Sockets
  • Litton connections
  • Distribution boards
  • Switch and Auto mains failure panels

Woodlands Generators Cabling & Distribution hire is available for with or without a generation package, and for planned or emergency projects.

Cable Ramps

Defender XXL cable ramps with 5 large cable ducts are perfect as well as necessary for situations when fuel lines and cabling crosses a road. The defender XXL has a load bearing capacity of over 5,000kg.


Woodlands Generators offer transformers ranging from 5kVA upto 5mVA – these range in voltages from 110v for site power tools, up to 33kV for utility & testing solutions. As with all of our products & services, our transformer rental is available 24/7 for both planned & emergency requirements.

Transformers from Woodlands Generators are available with or without hire of a generation solution.


Woodlands Generators stock rental load banks in both resistive only & reactive forms, for all types of power testing. Load Bank testing if a reliable & simple solution for testing your power system.

Woodlands Generators have load banks ranging from 100kva to 2MVA (paralleling together allows Multi-Megawatt usage) and can provide all necessary switchgear & cabling to provide a true turn-key package. Woodlands Generators in-house Electro-Mechanical engineers are also on hand to assist with any of your testing requirements or to advise on system requirements.

Sound Atenuation

We can provide custom sound attenuation to fit to our generators for when sound levels are paramount.