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As the UK was battered by violent storms last winter, organisations were left counting the cost for not investing in their  generators service to help them through the hard times.

Emergency generators provided essential support during the storms, but having a high quality generator service is key to keeping your company trading.

A generator is only as good as the work done to maintain it and at Woodlands Generators, we believe your generators service and maintenance is key to ensuring business continues as normal.

Indeed, for many organisations, a reliable generator service and maintenance contract is considered a vital part of business continuity.

It’s essential to understand key areas of maintenance to ensure a generator is fully functioning, so the generators service should include regular inspections of:

  • Fuel
  • Battery
  • Cooling System

With fuel, a problem often overlooked is fuel contamination. Dirt, sludge and a host of deposits have a habit of blocking fuel lines and filters and they also create a build up of residue in strainer baskets.

Badly maintained batteries are another recurring problem you’ll need to be aware of. Regular checks on the power unit can often show up a few potential problems before anything serious happens.

Likewise, ensure you check for leaks, drips and signs of spillage underneath the generator, which can indicate a loss of coolant.

To prevent all this from happening, routine maintenance on diesel generators is the best way forward if you want them to work for general purpose use or in times of emergency.  

At Woodlands Generators, we believe in offering the highest standards of service to our clients globally, which is why we provide the finest generator installation and repair service in the industry. We also believe in providing the best value for money generator maintenance services, and you can be assured that it won’t compromise on standards.

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