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Generator Sales from Woodlands Generators


When you’re looking for industrial generators for sale, it’s vital to source generators from trusted suppliers in generator sales in order to guarantee a safe and quality-assured power solution. Here at Woodlands Generators, leading providers of generator rental, sales and service, we are proud to offer a wide range of new diesel generators for sale – including Himoinsa generators.


Himoinsa Generators


Himoinsa are one of our most popular manufacturers within our generator sales and if you are looking for new diesel generators in particular, Himoinsa may be the choice for you. They are well constructed, economical, and best of all they are compact making them ideal for a number of different applications.


With Installation


As part of our generator sales service, we will also cover the diesel generator installation, so you can rest easy knowing every vital aspect has been taken care of by an experienced expert diesel generator installer.


New & Used Generators Available


Our diesel generator sales consist of both new and used generators for sale, which means we can cater to a wide scale of budgets, and applications – so no matter what your requirement is, we’ll have a power solution for you.


4kVA – 3,500kVA Generators


Woodlands Generators specialise in the generator sales from 4kVA right through to 3,500kVA, with a full installation service & after sales service and maintenance to back up our products. Generators from Woodlands Generators are available in single units upto 3,500kVA or in large multiple unit packages. For these multiple unit packages we build the control systems to be capable of paralleling together, as if the packages was one large generator – further synchronisation & control systems are also available for complex systems, such as N+1 configuration for critical power applications or sites.


The Himoinsa Range


Woodlands Generators is proud to provide a variety of high quality industrial Himoinsa Generators, a multinational leader in energy generation.

Himoinsa generators are industrial, diesel generators and have been designed to offer maximum performance and accessibility during maintenance operations. Very reliable and efficient, the industrial Himoinsa generators for sale can be used in a range of industries, such as agricultural, tourism, residential, industrial and civil protection areas.


High Quality Generators


As well as providing high quality industrial diesel generators for sale in the UK, we also offer a rental range, heavy range and the MV_Power Plant. Our heavy range of diesel generators for sale in the UK can adapt to specific requirements, and their simple installation and transportation-ready design make them perfect for use for public works and industry construction, as well as for use in airports and hospitals.


High Structural Resistance


The Rental Line is ideal for use in tough environmental conditions and offers a very versatile and innovative system. Perfect for mining, construction or civil works areas, the high structural resistance allows the line to work in any conditions.


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For more information on our generator sales, and the standby or prime power solutions we offer click on the images below which will explain each range in greater detail, or Contact Us today to see how we can assist!

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generator sales
generator sales
generator Sales
generator sales

Silent Diesel Generators for sale at Woodlands Generators


With more than 50 years experience in the world of generators Woodlands are leading specialists in power rental, sales and service. Our products are all top quality, leading brands that will not let you down. Our silent diesel generators for sale our particularly popular and we have plenty of options to choose from including Himoinsa UK. Our team of highly trained experts can help you on your way when it comes to choosing the right silent diesel generator for the job. At Woodlands we know our generators, and our generators are the best in the industry.