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Woodlands Generators – the answer to all your fuel tank needs.

As specialist power solutions providers we are here to solve your diesel fuel tank hire crisis. At Woodlands Generators we are renowned for our great response time and flexible service. We are ideally placed to help you with any developing problems, day or night, or equally with any non-crisis fuel tank hire requirements.

Our diesel fuel tank hire service always provides an environmentally safe and efficient storage solution. We offer a full range of capacity of fuel tanks or mobile bowsers from 950L to 30,000L. These are available as part of our power generation services package, or if you simply need the fuel tank rental service. This is available as a stand-alone service.

We are conscientious providers of diesel fuel tank hire, so we make certain that all our tanks are environmentally compliant. We ensure that all tanks are up to the latest industry standards including the following: UN Approval, CE Compliant, ADR Regulation Compliant. At Woodlands Generators we pride ourselves on delivering you the very best in fuel tank hire.

All of our tanks available for our diesel fuel tank hire service are fully bunded – this means that they are double walled. This quality fuel tank helps to extend the run time on diesel powered generators enabling you to run your systems more efficiently, saving you money on every level.

At Woodland Generators we understand the importance of power. We have global capacity and a full range of services from fuel tank hire to full project management of all your power needs. With our vast wealth of industry knowledge we are perfectly placed to help you in any emergency. We have a 24/7 control room, so you know that should disaster strike, help is only a phone call away. With our expertise in contingency planning we can design a bespoke plan for you to cover any emergencies in the future. We are ready 365 days of the year for either planned or emergency diesel fuel tank hire.

To discuss diesel fuel tank hire, generator rental or any other specialist power requirements please contact us. Either call Woodlands Generators on 0845 600 3335 or from outside the UK call +44 1386 442622, email us on or visit our website at Woodlands Generators.