There are numerous reasons why you as an individual or business owner would want to buy your own power supply generator. Of course, the main reason is that electric power generators are able to provide you with an added level of insurance to your daily routine or business operations, thereby ensuring you’ll always have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). After all, the inconvenience of a blackout is rarely appreciated until you are the victim of an untimely loss of power.

Generator Back Up Power for Homes

Electricity is an essential feature to the modern home. Indeed, you will likely rely on electricity to ensure your lighting and heating systems, consumer electronics, household appliances, and security systems all continue to work as they should. Experiencing a blackout and being without power can not only be inconvenient (no fridge/freezer utilities to keep perishables cold); it can actually be quite concerning (having no lights or heating in the winter can be very worrying indeed).

Generator?back up can be invaluable in these situations as most residences only require a small amount of backup power (typically around 5-10 kW) to maintain their essential systems and devices. Of course, larger residences may well require a bit more power.

Emergency/Standby Power for Businesses

If you run your own business then you will know just how devastating blackouts can be to your company?s profits. Say for example, your business achieves average retail profits of a ?1000 an hour. If you experience a blackout that lasts for a prolonged period of time then your company will lose out on a substantial amount of revenue – and that is before you factor in the cost of having to pay idle employees for their time (even though they will effectively be doing nothing that warrants being paid).

Moreover, you may also find that competitors of yours who have generators will usurp demand for your business if they are able to continue operating whilst your company is left sitting in the dark.

When all of these things are considered, it is clear to see that just how invaluable investing in generator services can be.

Prime and Continuous Power Supplies

Another reason for buying a back up power supply?is if you live in a property or run a business that needs continual or constant power for long periods of time in a remote location. Indeed, used and new generators really can be a Godsend in these circumstances as they can provide you with what is known as ?prime? or ?continuous? power.

Prime power is defined as a power supply that supplies power for 8-12 hours a day. ?Continuous power supply refers to power that must be continually supplied throughout a 24 hour day. Prime and continuous power supplies are often used in remote or developing areas of the world where there is no utility service or where available service is very expensive or unreliable.

So as you can see, there really are a number of compelling reasons to invest in a generator back up. ?Why not read more about our generator rental and products at Woodlands Generators.?You might also like to read our blog on winter capacity from the grid.

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